December 18, 2018

Daily Readings by C.H. Spurgeon – Dec 18

Defended and Covered As birds flying, so will the Lord of hosts defend Jerusalem. (Isaiah 31:5) With hurrying wing the.

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December 16, 2018

Daily Reading by C.H. Spurgeon – Dec 16

Divine Expulsion Thou shalt drive out the Canaanites, though they have iron chariots, and though they be strong. (Joshua 17:18).

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March 17, 2018

Daily Readings by C.H. Spurgeon – March 18

This is the daily reading from the Cheque Book of Faith; Continue Upright The prayer of the upright is his.

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February 9, 2018

Heart of the Matter

Listen to Heart of the Matter, presented by Pastor Stephen Murphy, Michael Emadi and Kevin Marley, Mondays at 7PM on.

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April 2, 2017

“Baptism – do you appreciate being in God’s Kingdom?”

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March 26, 2017

“Jesus sends out the 70”

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March 19, 2017

“God is always faithful”

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February 26, 2017

“What kind of follower are you?”

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February 19, 2017

Service, Sacrifice, Non Sectarianism

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February 12, 2017

Revival of the Church

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