Dundalk Baptist Church pastors, Stephen Murphy and Michael Emadi:


Stephen Murphy has been Pastor at Dundalk Baptist Church since 1988. He has a BA from
UCD in History & Economics , and worked for a time the Public Library Service in both Dundalk
and Dublin. He has an MA in Theology from the University of Chester in England. Stephen is
Married to Marie and they have two sons- Stephen and Daniel, both are married to Americans –
Heather and Chasity. Stephen Jnr. and Heather have 5 children, Daniel and Chasity have 2. He
is also involved in local Community Radio presenting programs on Dundalk FM.

Michael grew up in the U.S. After graduating from the University of Utah in 2000 he joined the US Air Force as an Intelligence Officer.  However, he eventually got out of the Air Force to pursue biblical studies and enter into the Christian ministry.  He holds degrees from the University of Utah (Bachelor of Arts), Midwest Center for Theological Studies (Masters of Divinity), and Houston Baptist University (Master of Arts in Biblical Languages).  Michael and his wife Ashley, along with their three children, moved to Ireland in 2014.  Michael was voted in as an elder of Dundalk Baptist Church in 2016 while also serving as the lecturer for biblical languages for both Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary and Reformed Baptist Seminary.