angelaWhen Angela O’Hanlon wrote off her new car, she was angry – with God. She recalls: “I was driving at 82 mph, and was lucky to walk away from the accident alive. But I couldn’t see that God had preserved me from my own actions. I thought this was His way at getting at me.”

Brought up in a strict Irish family, Angela married at 16 to gain, as she thought, freedom, she had 6 children. At first times were hard, but later there was plenty of money for a house, fast cars and alcohol.

Says Angela: “I wasdrinking heavily because I was so unhappy I still had no freedom.” After the car crash Angela and her husband divorced. Aged 40, she tried to commit suicide.

After a number of relationships with men, Angela married for a second time. Her new partner was also a heavt drinker. One evening, not long after the wedding. They both talked of ending their own lives. From the depths of her sorrow, Angela cried out: “God, Jesus, Holy Ghost, whoever you are, please help me!” Somehow they both made it through the night, and were able to continue with their lives.

They made friends with a Christian who told Angela, “Jesus loves you” this really touched Angela’s heart, and she wanted to know more. She had previously thought of God as an unloving being, who only punished people. Not long after, Angela and her husband asked Jesus to come into their lives. This was 17 years ago

Now she says happily: “My life changed and the things that held us in bondage- particularly the craving for alcohol- are removed.” She now has the feeling of freedom she had left home to find so many years ago.