The church began formally on February 16th 1988 with 8 charter members. Of course this was the result of much preceding work by Gods’ Holy Spirit on a number of individuals and families.

In the mid 1970’s home bible studies were established by 2 Baptist families from Northern Ireland who were involved in secular work in the area; firstly the Nesbitts, and later the Allens, opened their homes and their hearts to the people of the Dundalk area. From this an informal Fellowship grew up. Eventually both Northern families moved away and the remaining group was entirely indigenous to the area.

Over a period of 5 years the group was influenced by many of the then current trends in Christianity- including the Charismatic movement. This led to a parting of the ways and the non Charismatic folks formed what in 1988 became Dundalk Baptist Church. The church was indebted at this time to the Newry Baptist Church and its then Pastor, David McMillan. David and the church in Newry helped with teaching and encouragement as we went through this process.

In 1990 the church purchased what is now its home. The “Railway Hall” in Ardee Terrace, Dundalk, as it is locally known came on the market for the sum of IR£ 85,000.00. Although the church had barely IR£1,500.00 to hand we felt it was the place God wanted for us. So, in faith we entered negotiations with the vendors. When we needed to pay the 10% deposit we had exactly IR£8,500.00 to hand! God was keeping us closely dependent on Him! We eventually moved into the building in September 1991 and have been meeting there since then. Our numbers have gradually grown to 30 members.

We have been blessed with developing contacts with other Baptist Churches both in our own Association in Ireland and also overseas. The church was blessed with the ministry of Bro. Clark Lowery from Mississippi from 1991 to 1994. Clark Sheila, Sarah and Zach worked with the church after we moved into our building . Coming from a mature background their experience was invaluable to the church and the pastor in particular. Killicomaine Evangelical Church and Pastor Norman Barr have always been real friends and a blessing from the Lord – as have the folk at Stonepark Baptist, their Pastor Harry Dowds and the men who have come to preach. The church has also benefited from the wider ministry of the Metropolitan Tabernacle, London through its literature and the Summer Schools of Theology in particular. Many other individuals and churches too numerous to mention have been used by God to be a blessing to us.

In 1992 we first met Jeff & Jean Whitfield from Texas who worked with us on a 2 year assignment. Jeff began the Counselling ministry of the Church – Dundalk Christian Counselling Centre.

The church formally adopted, as its basis of Faith, the Baptist Confession of 1689. This has given a grounding of stability and also a range of deep fellowship with other churches that hold to the Confession both here and abroad.

The church has two pastors, Stephen Murphy who is has been preaching the word since the church’s inception. Secondly, 2018 we were privileged to get a second pastor namely Michael Emadi. Both pastors work at delivering the word and looking after the Dundalk flock.

As we face the future we trust that Jesus will open up hearts in this Community where He has privileged us to serve Him.