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Jan 15th, 2017 by smurphyadmin

Ministry 15th of January “Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand”

The Feeding of the Five Thousand is the only miracle besides the resurrection that is in all 4 Gospels, so perhaps this fact alone is enough to show that it is a miracle demanding special attention. Luke 9:13 “He replied You give them something to eat. They answered We have only five loaves of bread and two fish..”

Join Stephen Murphy as he continues his sermon series in Luke. Please click on the sermon tab above and scroll down to the 15th of January Sermon.

Jan 8th, 2017 by smurphyadmin

Ministry 8th of Jan 2017 – “Jesus Sends Out the Twelve”

Continuing in our series in Luke, we start in verse 9: 1-9 with Jesus sending out the twelve apostles. Join us as our pastor Stephen takes you on the journey with the apostles and how this is relevant for us today. (Luke 9:3) – He told them “Take nothing for the journey – no staff, no bag, no bread, no money, no extra tunic.” All you have to do is click on the sermon tab above, and page down until you see the heading and then press play to listen.

Jan 2nd, 2017 by smurphyadmin

Educational Course – “Doctrine of God”

Starting on the 7th of February, at 7pm is a month long course on the Doctrine of God.  The lecturer is Edwin Ewart (College Principal of the Irish Baptist College). If your interested in this course please contact Michael Emadi on:

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The Dundalk Baptist church is delighted to announce a new course namely; "Doctrine of God" taught by Edwin Ewart (College Principal of the Irish Baptist College) This will take place at the church building every Tuesday from during the 7th February - 7th March 2017. From - 7pm to 9pm